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Peter Robinson a écrit :
> Hi All,
>> Ekiga 3.2.0 just hited the official repository for Ubuntu 9.04, it has
>> the G722 audio codec and all the audio codecs previously present. Video
>> codecs are H261 and Theora.
>> Codecs lacking are:
>> Audio: CELT and ILBC
>> Video: H263, H263-1998, MP4V-ES, H264
>> I opened a bug report in Ubuntu BTS about this issue here:
> ekiga 3.2 is in Fedora rawhide now too, although I've already had a
> segfault reported against it. Very similar config to that of ubuntu.
> The reason for the lack of ilbc and the listed video codecs could be
> due to licensing issues.
> Peter

Right. Still, I believe they could put them in what they call
"multiverse", those licensing issues do not apply in e.g. Europa, and
iLBC is free for non commercial use.

The issue for CELT in Ubuntu is most probably because it is not in
"main", but in "universe".
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