[Ekiga-list] Newbie questions about ekiga

Hi -
I'm really looking for an intercom application for the home,
but VoIP seems to be the closest fit.  And ekiga seems the
best of the VoIP for Fedora.

Now, my questions:
1) Is there a way to have the remote automatically answer?
As an intercom app, it will have speakers set up; the remote
party doesn't need to answer the phone, they just need to get
my message.
I saw some references to it in some old posts on the archive,
but no reference to it in the current documentation.

2) Is there a way to call multiple parties at once?  Again, 
in the intercom application, I'd like to "page" (in the sense
of "Come down for supper!") multiple rooms at once.  I guess 
this is like conference calling (but with the remote clients 
all having auto-answer).  I see a "conference room" in "Services",
but that looks like everyone has to dial-in.

This is all intended for multiple computers on a home LAN;
not for "real" dial-out capability.



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