[Ekiga-list] Crashes with 2009-03-15 version

With Debian ekiga-snapshot 0-20090315-1 I get:

A segfault when I quit Ekiga, 
recorded at http://pastebin.com/m6ce15928

A bad window crash during a call,
recorded at http://pastebin.com/m20224abe

Unfortunately, for the latter, gdb loses track of the process for some
reason. None of the normal gdb commands provide any useful diagnostic
information after the crash. I haven't yet got ekiga-snapshot to crash
in gdb if I give the --sync argument, but I shall keep trying. (I also
can't get gdb to ever find a definition of gdk_x_error.)

When I call 500 ekiga net I get my video echoed back to me. However, if
I call 520 ekiga net so that 500 ekiga net calls me back, I only get my
audio echoed back, no video. Is that normal?


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