Re: [Ekiga-list] ANNOUNCE - Ekiga 3.2.0 [STABLE] available

Just tried ekiga-3.2.0, found one old kde issue.

 as in ekiga-3.1.0, 

./configure --disable-kde --disable-kab

 still being ignored, and configure fails without finding kapplications.h;
I have to manually disable the scripts in configure for the kde part;

I have kde-4.2.1 installed, but I don't want kde support in ekiga



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Please wait a few hours, ptlib and opal will be uploaded too.


gembasz wrote:
> Eugen Dedu pisze:
> [...]
>> * Where to get it ?
>> ===================
>> Ekiga is available at:
>> Required librairies can be found at:
> [...]
> Hi,
> Under those links available packages are: ekiga-3.2.0, ptlib-2.6.0 and opal-3.6.0.
> Installing ptlib and opal was OK, but ekiga wants ptlib>=2.6.1 and opal>=3.6.1
> What's with that?
> I've manually changed it to 2.6.0 and 3.6.0 and trying to compile it (don't know yet if it works), but is it OK?
> Regards
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