[Ekiga-list] Addressbook

I'm having a great time with ekiga-3.0.2, but I have some trouble with the address book.

#1. I tried to add a contact to my local roster. I opened the addressbook, searched ekiga.net, found my friend, and said "add to local roster." It popped up a category dialog, so I added "Buddies" ("Services" was the only choice) entered the name and SIP address and hit "OK." Ekiga then complained that I already had a contact with that address. But the only things in my local roster and the two defaults under "Services".

#2. The web page http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Managing_Addressbook makes numerous references to the File menu within the Addressbook, however there is no such menu. Only "Addressbook" and "Action."

#3. Can you have multiple local addressbooks, or only the Evolution "Personal" one?

#4. When I search for a user on the Ekiga.net white pages, how can I see their sip address? Right-click->Properties gives me the LDAP information.



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