Re: [Ekiga-list] Alsa device enumeration

Le mercredi 11 mars 2009 à 20:46 +0100, Alec Leamas a écrit :
> There are  some problems w the current code which enumerates the alsa 
> devices. I have a sketch for a patch, this is really not that 
> complicated these days, there are new library routines which support it.
> The problem is just what devices to show, and how. Basically, there is 
> two kind of devices: the classic devices which we partly see today, and 
> several "new" devices such as pulse, hdmi, and several surround*. They 
> exist for both capture and playback. The list for my box is below. The 
> basic ideas are stolen from Skype. The important thing is the left 
> column, the right is just internal stuff (hey, use a fixed font to see 
> this...). 
> Any thoughts out there about this list?

I would clean it and remove entries with hw only. Because that's
complex. What is Surround40 capture ?

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