Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga beginner questions

Palo S. wrote:
> Based on my experiences, Ekiga is a great piece of
> software but it is not prepared to replace Skype/
> Yahoo Mess on a larger scale mainly due to NAT issues, 
> poor non-Linux platform support + some long-term 
> video and presence related problems. 

Skype is working great for me for video and voice calls on Linux
machiens (Debian and Ubuntu), all behind some sort of a an ADSL modem
and a route firewall by just usin stun. Couldn't get a change to test it
on Windows and Mac machines yet though.

True that Skype and Yahoo mess are very popular. The best thing in skype
is its no-problem working behind firewalls, same for ym but ym also has
that photo sharing feature which is a big hit.

Considering these, if Ekiga supports Windows as well, just-works behind
home routers and gets photo sharing, it will compete with skype and ym.
Additionally, when ekiga gets encryption in it (when? it was expected in
3.0), that should give a discrete jump in its popularity, specially
among skype users who already do not like the backdoor controversy in skype.



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