[Ekiga-list] Attempting to build latest 3.1.2 on intrepid fails - take 2

OK. Fixed #1 problem by 'make clean; make' silly me. Sorry for the noise.

It's now built fine and living in /usr/local. There still remains a
wish to build with kde support but that doesn't seem to be absolutely
necessary, since it works in KDE anyway.

There was an issue on startup not being able to find the 'hello' plug
in, as well as messages saying that it could not open the video device
(the moving logo, since on the desktop I lack any webcam) and also not
being able to open the Logitech PTLIB/ALSA, which I thought was odd (I
just bought a Logitech 350 USB headset) so I closed down the new ekiga
and reverted to the one that I had been using in the ppa repository,
which was 3.0.1. Still I got the same error.

I closed out the "old" ekiga and restarted the new ekiga and rechecked
the Audio Devices tab, reselecting the option for Logitech, and it


thanks for letting me change the magnetic patterns on your hard disk.

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