Re: [Ekiga-list] [Solved] Re: no incoming calls behing an ADSL modem

Le lundi 02 mars 2009 à 14:06 -0500, H. S. a écrit :


>         Most probably the NAT binding expired. If it is reproducable,
>         perhaps he could try setting a lower
>         value in /apps/ekiga/protocols/sip/binding_timeout using
>         gconftool-2,
>         gconf-editor or your favorite text editor if it is on windows.
> Ekiga has been working fine since then. No further problems with NAT
> and his adsl modem router.
> Conclusion: the very time that he configured ekiga, he could call me
> but I couldn't call him. But after restarting ekiga, it has been
> working very well since then, no problem at all even after ekiga
> restarts and computer reboots. It 'just works' :)

Unexplainable, but nevertheless a good news!
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