Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga 3.2.1 taking too much cpu

Damien Sandras wrote:
> Le jeudi 11 juin 2009 à 12:56 -0400, H.S. a écrit :
>> With the bouncing logo on both ends (Pic in Pic). Codecs used are SPEEX
>> and Theora. Same conditions on both machines. But this time (laptop <-->
>> Debain), I am on my lan. The experiment yesterday was on the Debian
>> machine with a remote user on the internet.
> It would be interesting to try isolating the problem :
> - try with and without video
> - try with different codecs
> - see cases when it happens, and cases when it does not
> Perhaps it is due to one of the changes in the ALSA plugin. Eugen ?

SPEEX 16 KHz and Theora  CPU 70% busy
SPEEX 16 KHz and H261    CPU 70% busy
G722 16 KHz  and H261    CPU 90% busy (140% on the dual core machine)
PCMU 8 KHz   and H261    CPU 18% busy



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