Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga 3.2.1 taking too much cpu

Damien Sandras wrote:
Le jeudi 11 juin 2009 à 11:37 -0400, H.S. a écrit :

After a recent upgrade we got new Ekiga in Debian Testing (Ekiga
3.2.1~git20090515.9d0263-1). Wonderful, since the last version (3.2.0)
was segfaulting (due to ptlib I think). But now this new version is
keeping the CPU busy and the audio is choppy. It used to work
wonderfully in an earlier version (2.0.12 IIRC).

The problem is usually during a call. CPU usage jumps to 20~50% and the
audio becomes broken and choppy. It appears as though Ekiga is using up
too many system resources.

I posted on Debian user mailing list and some have suggested I compile
the newest version. Before I do anything like that, I am hoping there
might be a fix for this problem, or at least an explanation.

Anybody else see this problem? I am using the new KDE with pulseaudio.
Also, I have these installed:
$> dpkg -l ekiga libasou* *opal* libpt* | grep ^i | gawk '{print $2 " " $3}'
ekiga 3.2.1~git20090515.9d0263-1
libasound2 1.0.20-2
libasound2-dev 1.0.20-2
libasound2-plugins 1.0.19-2
libopal-2.2 2.2.11~dfsg1-4
libopal3.6.1 3.6.1~dfsg-1
libpt-1.10.10 1.10.10-3
libpt-1.10.10-plugins-alsa 1.10.10-3
libpt-1.10.10-plugins-v4l 1.10.10-3
libpt2.6.1 2.6.1-2
libpt2.6.1-plugins-alsa 2.6.1-2
libpt2.6.1-plugins-v4l2 2.6.1-2
libpth20 2.0.7-12
libpthread-stubs0 0.1-2
libpthread-stubs0-dev 0.1-2

We never heard of such a problem before...

Seems related:

I noticed also the audio choppy (i.e. each 5-15 sec, I do not hear anything for 1 sec.)


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