Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga 3.2.1 taking too much cpu

H.S. wrote:
> Eugen Dedu wrote:
>> Damien Sandras wrote:
>>> Le jeudi 11 juin 2009 à 11:37 -0400, H.S. a écrit :
>>>> Hello,
>>>> After a recent upgrade we got new Ekiga in Debian Testing (Ekiga
>>>> 3.2.1~git20090515.9d0263-1). Wonderful, since the last version (3.2.0)
>>>> was segfaulting (due to ptlib I think). But now this new version is
>>>> keeping the CPU busy and the audio is choppy. It used to work
>>>> wonderfully in an earlier version (2.0.12 IIRC).
>>>> The problem is usually during a call. CPU usage jumps to 20~50% and the
>>>> audio becomes broken and choppy. It appears as though Ekiga is using up
>>>> too many system resources.
>>>> I posted on Debian user mailing list and some have suggested I compile
>>>> the newest version. Before I do anything like that, I am hoping there
>>>> might be a fix for this problem, or at least an explanation.
>>>> Anybody else see this problem? I am using the new KDE with pulseaudio.
>>>> Also, I have these installed:
>>>> $> dpkg -l ekiga libasou* *opal* libpt* | grep ^i | gawk '{print $2 "
>>>> " $3}'
>>>> ekiga 3.2.1~git20090515.9d0263-1
>>> We never heard of such a problem before...
>> Seems related:
>> I noticed also the audio choppy (i.e. each 5-15 sec, I do not hear
>> anything for 1 sec.)
> Tried this on Ubuntu Jaunty as well. Similar problem. Ekiga CPU usage
> jumps to 30~40%.

BTW, Debian Testing machine: 2 GHz Intel CPU, 1.25 GB RAM.
Jaunty laptop: 2.8 GHz dual core CPU, 1.25 GB RAM.

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