Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga not "normal" in Juanty and Debian Testing

Eugen Dedu wrote:
> H.S. wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have Ekiga in Debian Testing as well as on Jaunty machines. Debian got
>> the new version only a few months ago. I have noticed two main things:
>> 1. During a call, Ekiga appears to hog the CPU (40%~70%). I already
>> reported this here some weeks ago (so let's just keep this in that
>> thread only and focus on the following point here).
> I 2 days the 3.2.5 ekiga should be available in unstable.  Please test
> with this one and tell if the CPU is high.  If yes, we will fix it for
> 3.2.6.
>> 2. After ending a call and trying more calls is problematic. Or perhaps
>> it is the length of time that Ekiga has been running. But after some
>> time, the remote user is usually reported to be not available and I
>> cannot make further calls.
> This also is interesting.  The -d 4 output is precious, please give it
> to us.

Unfortunately, the remote user was not at the computer for this
experiment. However, when I tried to call him anyway, I got a message in
-d 4 output that the remote user was temporarily unavailable.

I will try this again tomorrow when I get a chance (and I will save the
-d 4 output to a file, which I forgot to do this time).



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