Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga not "normal" in Juanty and Debian Testing

H.S. wrote:

I have Ekiga in Debian Testing as well as on Jaunty machines. Debian got
the new version only a few months ago. I have noticed two main things:
1. During a call, Ekiga appears to hog the CPU (40%~70%). I already
reported this here some weeks ago (so let's just keep this in that
thread only and focus on the following point here).

I 2 days the 3.2.5 ekiga should be available in unstable. Please test with this one and tell if the CPU is high. If yes, we will fix it for 3.2.6.

2. After ending a call and trying more calls is problematic. Or perhaps
it is the length of time that Ekiga has been running. But after some
time, the remote user is usually reported to be not available and I
cannot make further calls.

This also is interesting. The -d 4 output is precious, please give it to us.

Anyone else having these problems?
I have, on Debian: Ekiga 3.2.1~git20090515.9d0263-1
and on Juanty: Ekiga 3.2.0-0ubuntu2


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