[Ekiga-list] Ekiga 3.0.2 (h264 enabled) crash on answering call

   I am trying to make a video call using Ekiga 3.0.2. I have downloaded the source packages for ekiga 3.0.2, ptlib-2.4.4 and opal-3.4.4 from ekiga.org and compiled them on Ubuntu hardy 2.6.24-23 kernel. I am using a system running Ubuntu Hardy 2.6.24-23 kernel and another with Windows XP. I am trying to make the video call using sip as well as h323 protocol with H264 video encode/decode and audio disabled. As soon as I accept the call on windows machine, ekiga running on linux crashes and I see a segmentation fault being reported in the terminal. Also, sending the gdb-ekiga.txt file output for reference.


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