Re: [Ekiga-list] Simple Ekiga config

Le mardi 27 janvier 2009 à 18:26 -0500, Claude Durocher mcccf gouv qc ca
a écrit :
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> I want to setup Ekiga in a local lan only so two computers can do
> video conferencing. I'm using Ekiga for Windows. As I understand, I
> cannot use Avahi (because of Windows and also because my internal
> network spreads across many lans seperated by routers). I tried
> siproxd but Ekiga wont register to it. Is there a way to setup Ekiga
> so it can talk directly to another ip address?

Just use the IP address in the URL field.

 _     Damien Sandras
//\    Ekiga Softphone :
v_/_   Be IP           :
       FOSDEM          :
       SIP Phone       : sip:dsandras ekiga net

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