Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga 3 Status: Alpha, Beta or Gamma = end user released?

john_re wrote:
To: Leaders & Developers of Ekiga:

I am confused by what appears to me to be inconsistent information on
the ekiga website.

1) The Ekiga website main page announces E 3 in the high profile manner
of a new gamma, "End User" version, release.  This suggests the SW is
not alpha, nor beta, but something for _users_ (not developers or

2) The download page, though, only provides source code & compile
instructions, not a binary version for the most popular Linux platforms.
 This suggests the SW is for at best _developers or testers_, not end

For information, whohas in a new program giving the versions of a package on several distributions. whohas ekiga shows:

FreeBSD ekiga 2.0.11_5 net Fink ekiga 2.0.12-1 NetBSD ekiga 3.0.2 net Ubuntu ekiga 2.0.1-0ubuntu6.2 [<s Ubuntu ekiga 2.0.1-0ubuntu6.2 Ubuntu ekiga 2.0.3-0ubuntu8 Ubuntu ekiga 2.0.11-1ubuntu1 Ubuntu ekiga 2.0.12-0ubuntu2 Ubuntu ekiga 2.0.12-0ubuntu5 Ubuntu ekiga 3.0.1-1ubuntu1 Source Mage ekiga 3.0.2 test Source Mage ekiga 3.0.1 stable OpenBSD ekiga 2.0.12p5
Fedora ekiga 3.0.1-4 7.7M 13-11-2008 Gentoo ekiga 2.0.12 Gentoo ekiga 2.0.11 Gentoo opal 2.2.11 Debian ekiga 2.0.3-6 stable Debian ekiga 2.0.12-1+nmu1 testing openSUSE ekiga 3.0.1 suse/oss;distro=openSUSE_111


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