[Ekiga-list] Ekiga 3 Status: Alpha, Beta or Gamma = end user released?

To: Leaders & Developers of Ekiga:

I am confused by what appears to me to be inconsistent information on
the ekiga website.

1) The Ekiga website main page announces E 3 in the high profile manner
of a new gamma, "End User" version, release.  This suggests the SW is
not alpha, nor beta, but something for _users_ (not developers or

2) The download page, though, only provides source code & compile
instructions, not a binary version for the most popular Linux platforms.
 This suggests the SW is for at best _developers or testers_, not end

IMO, That is a majorly inconsistent message to the Ekiga _user_

So, what level do the Ekiga project leader(s) consider the E 3 SW to be
at: Alpha, beta, or end user released?

Since you don't have a compiled versions available now, I suspect that
you believe the SW is not yet ready for release to the general (non
"compile from sources") public.  Is that correct?

If not end user released, I'd suggest that proper SW management
communication dictates that the main ekiga page prominently state in the
version 3 announcement that this SW is still in alpha or beta stage.

Thanks to all the developers.  :)

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