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Am Donnerstag 22 Januar 2009 22:39:43 schrieb Damien Sandras:
> > >From Ekiga's point of view, everything looks normal.
> >
> > You wrote:
> > >Are you sure that you wait enough time ? Because Asterisk starts sending
> > >video only after 20 seconds...
> >
> > Yes I am sure. Today I let it run for good 5 minutes... The same result.
> > Do you aggree, that the reason must be that the video packages do not
> > reach me?
> >
> > I have not understood completely the mechanisms around SIP. Which
> > component (me or the server) is doing the connect action?
> With the callback, it is the server.
> > My computer is not restricted in accessing the internet (in to out). From
> > outside I have forwarded the ports in question and allowed the internet
> > to connect to those ports.
> > What is the difference between the echo and the callback request in
> > matter of the return video transmission?
> > What is happening behind the curtain?
> Nothing changes... Perhaps you should try with another user calling you
> and see if it is the same problem.
> --
>  _     Damien Sandras
I had time to test it with the computer of my parents via SSH.

Whatever I try from there it works. From both sides I can connect and get 
So how shall I say, I think I have a problem only with the ekiga callback 
I spent so many thoughts about it. I think the problem started, when I tried 
to ask for a callback with only theora codec enabled. Your server does not 
support it and delivered no video. Then I enabled the H261 codec again and 
Video never worked again.

I don't believe it is your server. My potential reason is my Fritzbox. Maybe 
there is a mechanism that should protect me or so... I have asked them. I they 
answer something interesting, I will come back.

Thank you Damien for your continued support. I learned so much about SIP and 
how the video travels in its packages over the net :-)


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