Re: [Ekiga-list] Conf. about Ports / Callback video problem (Damien Sandras)

Le mercredi 21 janvier 2009 ? 09:01 +0100, Wolfram Wagner a ?crit :
> Hello Samien,
> At first: I really appreciate that you care personnally about us!
> I have continued my tests. I used wireshark to track the traffic and logged 
> the output.  As much as I can see in the SIP packages, everything seems to 
> work as I have set it up in gconf:
> CallPort 5080 (5060 can not be forwarded in Fritzbox)
> Port Range: 5080:5100 (I tried to avoid possible conflicts with ports used 
> Fritzbox)
> I have forwarded these udp ports to my computer and allowed them to be 
> received in firewall.
> A call to 500 ekiga net works fine: I get video and sound back.
> A call to 520 ekiga net to get a callback works until I usually get the 
> from echo call: I get no video... Sound is fine.
> I have tried to understand the ekiga debug output, but it is a lot and so I 
> have not found the problem. 
> I saw that ekiga requested the video to be send to port: 5094
> But the statistic at the end shows zero received packages... Also wireshark 
> shows no video comming in... I have triple checked my fritzbox already,
> but I have no clue...
> I have uploaded the file to that place:
> It would be nice, if you would have a look into it!

>From Ekiga's point of view, everything looks normal.

You wrote:
>Are you sure that you wait enough time ? Because Asterisk starts sending
>video only after 20 seconds...

Yes I am sure. Today I let it run for good 5 minutes... The same result. Do 
you aggree, that the reason must be that the video packages do not reach me?

I have not understood completely the mechanisms around SIP. Which component 
(me or the server) is doing the connect action? 

My computer is not restricted in accessing the internet (in to out). From 
outside I have forwarded the ports in question and allowed the internet to 
connect to those ports.
What is the difference between the echo and the callback request in matter of 
the return video transmission?
What is happening behind the curtain?

Thanks for your time and patience!

 _     Damien Sandras

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