Re: [Ekiga-list] debug output

Le vendredi 23 janvier 2009 à 09:48 -0800, peasthope shaw ca a écrit :
> Yesterday again I issued to this list, the 
> short message containing a link to my debug 
> output.  My MUA copied the message back 
> to me as usual.  Still, the message has 
> not appeared on ekiga-list.  Messages to 
> other destinations have been successful.  

This one you mean?

De: 	peasthope shaw ca
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À: 	peasthope shaw ca
À: 	ekiga-list gnome org
Sujet: 	[Ekiga-list] debug output
Date: 	Thu, 22 Jan 2009 11:27:09 -0800 (20:27 CET)


The debug output from my attempt to use 3.0.1 to 
call 250 629 3xxx is visible here as plain text.

Double clicking on Echo Test in the contact list
was successful.  Clicking on the green handset 
icon failed.

I ran this test a few weeks ago and have forgotten 
some of the details.  Can try again if need be.

Thanks,       ... Peter E.

> Was my message to ekiga-list blocked deliberately?  
> Are other messages failing?
> Thanks,         ... Peter E.
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