[Ekiga-list] Trying to register Ekiga 2.0.5 to an Ericsson MD110 via H.323

I'm new to this group, sor far I was mainly using SIP with Ekiga without major troubles.

Now I'm trying to use Ekiga 2.0.5 (can't change this) via H.323 towards an Ericsson PBX.

I have the original Ericsson client here that registers nicely, but Ekiga doesn't. It doesn't even behave consistently when changing User and Password fields in the Account's settings. The Wireshark trace shows me that it put stuff almost at random into the H323-id field i.e. (like values that I had put in the password field before, but changed it to something completely different). 

Any hints here ?
I can provide traces.

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