Re: [Ekiga-list] Conf. about Ports / Callback video problem

Le mercredi 21 janvier 2009 à 09:01 +0100, Wolfram Wagner a écrit :
> Hello Samien,
> At first: I really appreciate that you care personnally about us!
> I have continued my tests. I used wireshark to track the traffic and logged 
> the output.  As much as I can see in the SIP packages, everything seems to 
> work as I have set it up in gconf:
> CallPort 5080 (5060 can not be forwarded in Fritzbox)
> Port Range: 5080:5100 (I tried to avoid possible conflicts with ports used by 
> Fritzbox)
> I have forwarded these udp ports to my computer and allowed them to be 
> received in firewall.
> A call to 500 ekiga net works fine: I get video and sound back.
> A call to 520 ekiga net to get a callback works until I usually get the video 
> from echo call: I get no video... Sound is fine.
> I have tried to understand the ekiga debug output, but it is a lot and so I 
> have not found the problem. 
> I saw that ekiga requested the video to be send to port: 5094
> But the statistic at the end shows zero received packages... Also wireshark 
> shows no video comming in... I have triple checked my fritzbox already,
> but I have no clue...
> I have uploaded the file to that place:
> It would be nice, if you would have a look into it!

>From Ekiga's point of view, everything looks normal.

Are you sure that you wait enough time ? Because Asterisk starts sending
video only after 20 seconds...
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