Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga 3.0.x issues

Le mardi 20 janvier 2009 à 17:37 +0100, Wolfgang Rosenauer a écrit :
> Hi,
> I had a hard time finding this list since I couldn't find it on
> btw.
> Anyway I have two left open issues with Ekiga 3.0.x. I'm using it for
> daily conference calls via SIP and did so with Ekiga 2.
> So the following issues are actually regressions from Ekiga 2:
> I can't find a way to set a SIP account as default for outgoing calls if
> the "number" I call doesn't match any of my SIP account domains. Is that
> not implemented yet or am I just too blind (could easily be).

There is auto-completion, but no notion of default account anymore.

> The second is that it seems that Ekiga is creating ticking noise for
> whatever reason. I can't hear it myself but the people I'm talking to
> can hear it and even muting my microphone doesn't fix it. I've checked
> my microphone with arecord and there is no noise recorded. So I think
> it's an Ekiga issue.

I don't think it is an Ekiga issue. Our ALSA plugin did not change since

Wouldn't you be using pulseaudio ?
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