[Ekiga-list] Confusion about ports

Dear list,

I am using Ekiga behind a Fritzbox that is using SIP itself. That's why it is not possible to use the default SIP Port and forward it to the machine where ekiga is running on.

I fixed most of the problems by editing gconf with gconf-editor apps/ekiga/protocols: I changed:

- sip/listen_port to 5070

- ports/udp_port_range to 5061:5100

I see potential problems to use the default transmissing ports, as my phone (FritzBox) might use them too, even if I can forward them.

These ports can be forwarded in FritzBox and most things work:

- Call to echo test (500 ekiga net): Works

- Call to CallbackRequest(520 ekiga net): It calls me back, Audio works, Video is not comming back.

I understand that this means, if the session is negotiated with me from the outside, the video signals do not reach me.

Assuming this is true, can anyone explain me, the meaning of those ports and if they can be redefined.

My understanding is:

udp/5060 default contact port for incomming calls SIP port.

udp/5000:5100 default transmission ports for audio and video

When I redefine them to be 6080 and 6000:6100 ekiga is listening on port 6000(!), SIP messages contain the right ports, but ekiga cannot make calls.

In short: I cannot use the default ports. Which ports must be redefined and forwarded (and how) to get 100% of the functionality?



PS: the troubleshooting guide on ekiga org is outdated. It talks about the NAT detection that has been removed lately...

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