[Ekiga-list] Libvirt networking


Firstly - great application! It is probably the best Softphone I've seen for Linux so far - keep up the good work! I just thought I'd spend the time to report a minor problem to do with libvirtd under Fedora10. When libvirtd starts in bridged/TAP mode it starts up its own virbr0 device with an IP like which Ekiga trys to use when initiating a call. Registering to the SIP server and making calls all work correctly but once you pickup the call drops and the debug output shows that Opal is looking to connect down the virbr0 IP. Just a heads up. Using Ekiga 3.1 this vibr0 network actually causes a segfault on pickup.

One other minor niggle is that since 3.0 just entering an extension number doesn't work and you require the full "ext server" address. It would be nice if you could just type/dial an extension number and hit call - useful on a company network. If there is no corresponding @server part then just assume that the registrar server is to be used?

Finally is 640x480 video over SIP/Eliga supported? When enabled it seems to crash the call initiator (3.0.2).

Keep up the great work,


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