Re: [Ekiga-list] echo canceller

What do you mean with "silence suppression"? I couldnt find it. If it is "Echo-Unterdrückung aktivieren", then I have there a hook already but it doesnt help.


Damien Sandras schrieb:
Le dimanche 11 janvier 2009 à 17:39 +0100, Konrad Karl a écrit :
On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 10:02:16PM +0100, Damien Sandras wrote:
Le samedi 10 janvier 2009 ?? 13:05 +0100, Judith Meili a ??crit :
I have no echo problems with skype but with Ekiga there is a big echo 
and the receivers of my calls complain. Is there no way to get rid of 
this echo?

Use Skype or buy a headset.
There may be better solutions... 

Below is a copy of a post I sent to this list about half a year ago
(unfortunately I received zero comments :-( )

The skype "echo suppression" seems to work surprisingly well in
practice. My brother-in-law is making frequently calls using
skype and told me that both parties just use no headset, just
the webcam mike and normal speakers and there is almost no
echo noticeable.

still interested in comments, have very little time for research
now unfortunately but this may improve.


<email> Hi,
<email> recently I have been forced to use skype and discovered that they
<email> have a quite well working echo suppressor. (my vis-a-vis used no
<email> headset, only normal speakers and the microphone from the Logitech
<email> QuickCam pro 9000)
<email> I think the algorithm skype uses is quite simple: whenever sound
<email> is coming from the other party and being output they just mute the
<email> mike. Sometimes there are audible artifacts but it much better than
<email> nothing. While I did not know about the pc speakers I was thinking
<email> she/he used a head set until being told thats a simple speaker.
<email> This means that its not easy to interrupt the vis-a-vis
<email> while she/he is speaking w/o pauses, skype seems to use a rather
<email> short time constant for muting the mike.
<email> Perhaps there could be some audio threshold above which the
<email> microphone could be enabled unconditionally so some loud
<email> speak will make it to the other party.
<email> I did not try with both parties using speakers so far, perhaps this
<email> is asking for trouble...
<email> Comments welcome.


Wouldn't you get the same result if you enable silence suppression in
Ekiga ?

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