Re: [Ekiga-list] Re (2): Re^6: Audio-Problems

On Sunday 11 January 2009 12:11:05 pm Palo S. wrote:
> > I have a similar problem.  I have an Audigy sound card using ca0106, and
> > a USB headset using snd-usb-audio.  I have adapted your modprobe.conf,
> > but how do you switch between them?  For a while they were loaded
> > automatically according to the application I opened, but no longer.
> The index keyword in modprobe only defines the order
> of the devices, ie you can be sure that eg device 0 is
> always ca0106 and device 1 is snd-usb-audio. You still
> need to say each application which of your devices it
> should use, every application dealing with sound should
> have settings enabling to specify the device (eg in
> Ekiga under Preferences->Audio Devices). index in modprobe
> then assures that the devices will be assigned always
> the same and you won\'t need to change the application
> settings after reboots.
> P.
Everything works if I put snd-usb-audio as No. 0, and ca0106  as No.1.  
Otherwise the USB chamnnel is blocked.

Thanks for your guidance.


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