Re: [Ekiga-list] Re (2): Re^6: Audio-Problems

> I have a similar problem.  I have an Audigy sound card using ca0106, and a USB 
> headset using snd-usb-audio.  I have adapted your modprobe.conf, but how do 
> you switch between them?  For a while they were loaded automatically 
> according to the application I opened, but no longer.
The index keyword in modprobe only defines the order
of the devices, ie you can be sure that eg device 0 is 
always ca0106 and device 1 is snd-usb-audio. You still
need to say each application which of your devices it
should use, every application dealing with sound should
have settings enabling to specify the device (eg in
Ekiga under Preferences->Audio Devices). index in modprobe
then assures that the devices will be assigned always
the same and you won\'t need to change the application
settings after reboots.


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