[Ekiga-list] More observations about Ekiga 3.


Palo, thanks for the information about sound devices.
When there is time on a weekend I'll try to decipher 
the code and implement the ideas in my system.

As recommended, Ekiga 3.0.1 is under trial in Debian 
Lenny here.  A few observations in case they help.

When Ekiga is started from the Desktop Menu, the tiny 
clock remains attached to the mouse pointer until 
the green Ekiga icon in the task bar is clicked.  
My interpretation is that Ekiga is not completing 
a startup process properly.

A call to sip:500 ekiga net works, although the 
amplitude of the echo is very small.

If a call to a PSTN number through the Diamond 
service is attempted, the echo test repeats.
The selected contact is ignored.

Do most users have Gnome?  I wonder whether this 
Xfce environment is the source of some problems?

Thanks,          ... Peter E.

http://carnot.yi.org/ = http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/

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