[Ekiga-list] Re (2): Re^6: Audio-Problems


>  ... versions of Ekiga and Skype ... problem ... 

The worst difficulties for me are with audio 
devices rather than with applications which use 
them.  The USB-audio adapter always initializes 
but the on-board Intel audio sometimes fails.  
I'll guess that this involves timing of startup 

When the Intel audio is absent, the Skype icon 
appears as usual.  Hours or days later, after 
a correspondent complains that I didn't answer 
a call, ringing is found to be redirected 
from the speakers to the headset.  Skype never 
indicates this of course.

Appears that when Ekiga fails to find a device, 
the toolbar icon is not displayed.  A rational 
behaviour; thanks to Ekiga.

I'm phasing out Skype DID in favour of Ekiga 
DID and hoping the flaws in Linux device 
initialization are fixed, sooner rather than 

Regards,        ... Peter E.

http://carnot.yi.org/ = http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/

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