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> Palo,
> ps> Ekiga audio did not work when Skype was running. 
> Do you mean that you want to hear the ring 
> from an incoming call to Ekiga while a Skype 
> conversation is in progress?  Or do you mean 
> that the Skype daemon is merely idle in the 
> background when Ekiga rings?  

nope, I meant something else: while Skype was idly 
running (not in call), Ekiga was not able to produce 
any sound when I was trying to make a call with it. 
I understand this is the same problem Judith 
has now. It looked like Skype locked the sound 
device but I did not have a closer look (and as I
say, I cannot reproduce the problem anymore).

> In this system, ringing is directed to the 
> default device, which is an alias for the 
> on-board Intel sound.  Sound-in and sound-out 
> use a USB-audio adapter and headset.
> If Judith\'s system uses the same device for 
> sound-out and for ringing, an incoming Ekiga 
> connection during a Skype conversation would be 
> problematic.

I understand Judith has the same problem as I
mentioned above...

> Conclusion: separate hardware for sound out and 
> for ringing is a worthwhile small investment.

A soundcard with hardware mixing could be another 
HW-based solution. Many cheap second-hand pieces 
are around. 


> Regards,       ... Peter E.
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