Re: [Ekiga-list] Re (2): Re (2): Audio-Problems


Actually I use Ekiga only for outgoing calls, not for incoming calls.



ps> Ekiga audio did not work when Skype was running. Do you mean that you want to hear the ring from an incoming call to Ekiga while a Skype conversation is in progress? Or do you mean that the Skype daemon is merely idle in the background when Ekiga rings? In this system, ringing is directed to the default device, which is an alias for the on-board Intel sound. Sound-in and sound-out use a USB-audio adapter and headset.

If Judith's system uses the same device for sound-out and for ringing, an incoming Ekiga connection during a Skype conversation would be problematic.

Conclusion: separate hardware for sound out and for ringing is a worthwhile small investment.

Regards,       ... Peter E.

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