Re: [Ekiga-list] direct IP to IP SIP call without SIP registrar, not working in 3.x

Actually there are some Tandberg endpoints in my LAN.
Tandberg MXP 1700 - H323 and IP supported
Tandberg E20          -  SIP only

In my network there is no NAT, actually some equipments are in the
same subnet, i.e. no routing involved.

With Ekiga 2.x, SIP connection with both Tandberg endpoints are ok,
but the video codec supported is only H.261.
With Ekiga 3.x, neither H323 nor SIP call was gone through.

In my Tandberg box, no SIP service IP is configured.  I was able to
make a SIP from Ekiga 2.x to Tandberg.
When the call is set up.  Tandberg showed the caller SIP address is
abc w x y z, where abc is my computer hostname and w.x.y.z is caller's

But call made from Tandberg to ekiga failed.  Interesting......

I did the test particularly on SIP.  For H.323 I can use Netmeeting,
which is pretty stable.  And all I have to find out whether two SIP
clients can talk with each other without registering to SIP server.
Otherwise I need a separate SIP server module running in my LAN.

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