Re: [Ekiga-list] direct IP to IP SIP call without SIP registrar, not working in 3.x

On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 07:37 (-0000), Dave Higton wrote:

> Patrick Lee wrote:

>> Not sure any one has asked this question before.

>> I was able to make call without registering any SIP registrar in Ekiga
>> ver 2.x.  No need to create SIP account.
>> Just type "sip:"  (the remote IP address) and the 
>> call was setup.
>> And the remote client could be x-lite.

>> But NOT with ver 3.x, the same syntax gave me no response.  It seems
>> like I have to create a SIP account first.

>> My environment is a complete isolated network so I simply can't
>> register in for SIP account.
>> And there is some other SIP clients so I have to stick with 
>> SIP protocol.

>> I know SIP registration is a proper SIP operation.  But I love ekiga
>> as it allows pt-to-pt call without setting up a SIP server.  But not
>> true for ver 3.x.  Any solution ?

> It may be worth mentioning that I have the same situation (no SIP
> access to the outside world, therefore Ekiga cannot possibly
> register to anything), the same requirement to do VoIP across our
> own LAN (only), and the same problem.


Have you tried connecting to
(or IP as appropriate)?  It works for me both on a LAN and over a wan
with 3.0.[12] and 3.1.0.  Regrettably, I have other show-stopper
problems, but that's another thread.

Patrick, you say you have other SIP clients, but will the h323: thing
work for you in your ekiga-to-ekiga work?


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