Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga on Slackware 12.2 not working usefully... any suggestions?

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 21:56 (+0100), Eugen Dedu wrote:

> Jim Diamond wrote:
>> Hi

>> I have recently tried
>> 	ekiga 3.0.1 + opal 3.4.3 + ptlib 2.4.3
>> 	ekiga 3.0.2 + opal 3.4.4 + ptlib 2.4.4
>> 	ekiga 3.1.0 + opal 3.6.0 + ptlib 2.6.0
>> under Slackware 12.2 (various computers, various kernels).

>> 3.1.0 doesn't let me use my Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks
>> (uvcvideo, needs V4L2 to work at all on my systems), so I gave up on
>> that.

> If I understand correctly, this webcam does not work on 3.1.0, but works  
> on previous releases?

Exactly.  In 3.1.0 the only choice in my video device list pairs this
camera up with V4L, not V4L2, and it doesn't work in that situation.

> Also, do you mean 3.1.1 (SVN trunk) or 3.1.0?
3.1.0, as found via
which points me to

>> The other two versions seem to behave similarly with respect to these
>> problems:

>> (1) The call recipient sees only his own video, the video of the caller
>> is never visible.

>> (2) If the caller is viewing his own video before making a call, when
>> the call is established, he (apparently) alternately sees his own
>> video frames and frames of the call recipient.  In other words,
>> the video picture is pretty much useless.
>> If the two video resolutions are not the same, the (whole) window
>> changes size with (apparently) each frame change, which adds to
>> the annoyance.

>> If the caller was not looking at his own video, he sees the call
>> recipient's video fine.

> Could you check if you are hit by  
> ?
The communication is established, but the video only goes one way.

>> This is pretty much a show stopper, so the fact that many people are
>> happily using ekiga suggest to me that it must be "me", but I have no
>> idea what I'm doing wrong.  Older versions of ekiga worked fine for me
>> on older versions of Slackware.
> There are many, many different issues which might appear...
Indeed, I can appreciate the difficulty.  I'm hoping this report might
trigger a synapse in someone's brain, and we could go from there.


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