Re: [Ekiga-list] Windows XP Quickcam Pro 9000 crashes Windows

> If it crashes Windows, then it is a windows problem. We have relatively
> few latitude to fix that. However, new packs with DirectVideo support
> will be built, you might want to try them out and see if the directvideo
> plugin also crashes Windows or not.


Agree entirely that if it is a Windows problem then there is nothing
Ekiga folks can do about it.

Also I clearly dont understand enough about Windows and its many
software layers for video etc, e.g where does that "video source"
dialog come from it looks like something out of win95 following the
transition from win 3.11, how does one get to the dialog to show?
Where does that dialog save it settings and which windows component
has to be reinstalled to reinitialise it.  Video on Windows is
starting to appear much more like the maze of ffmpeg + gstreamer +
uvcvideo + ...... on a *nix box.

It does strike me as strange that when Ekiga fires the hardware up
Windows crashes and it works normally with non ekiga apps, it is
possible that ekiga is using a different code paths to all other
Windows apps we have tested, it is possible that there is a bug in a
windows API that nothing else that I have tested exposes.

And raises an interesting philosophical observation, as more and more
foss apps find their way into windows it is going to expose more and
more the fragile points of Windows support, WDM, etc.

Tried an alternative route got Ubuntu 8.10 installed on another
machine, only to find Canonical bundled ekiga 2.0.11 and offered no
backport of 3.0.2, built 3.0.2 from source only to hit some variant of
the "pulseaudio and ekiga do not play nice bug"

Thanks for the heads up, look forward to a win32 build with a
directvideo plugin for testing, keep up the great work.


Mark Carey

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