Re: [Ekiga-list] Resolved: Thompson ST585 v6 router stability problems

Le jeudi 19 février 2009 à 15:59 +0100, Alec Leamas a écrit :
> I have the the subject router, a decision from my ISP I have to live 
> with. I've really never been able achieve long-term stability with 
> Ekiga, the registration has dropped after some time (~1 hour?). Another 
> strange symptom has been the Edit Acoount Dialog. When invoked and saved 
> with the same data, my registrar became "Unregistered". Repeating the 
> Edit/Save procedure, still w same data, turned the registrar to 
> "Registered".
> To make it work at all I after a while found out that the router has an 
> Application Layer Gateway (ALG) for sip (thanks, Damien!). Using this 
> means to disable stun, and rely on the the routers' sip management. And 
> indeed, I could both call place and recieve calls. But no long-term 
> stability.
> The problem seems to be the ALG, it's just buggy according to a lot of 
> threads out there. Furhermore, it cannot be disabled with the v6 version 
> of the firmware. It was possible in some older versions(!)
> Solution: go around the ALG by using another port than 5060 (I use 
> 5080). Enable stun. Setup port forwarding (a k a Game Sharing...) to 
> port 5080/UDP in the router. Done.
> BTW: this means that it's not a trivial setup decision to use the ALG 
> just because it's there. This à propos the discussion about automatic 
> recognition of sip-aware routers in the initial configuration wizard.

Thanks for the feedback!

Please report them a bug...
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