[Ekiga-list] Resolved: Thompson ST585 v6 router stability problems

I have the the subject router, a decision from my ISP I have to live with. I've really never been able achieve long-term stability with Ekiga, the registration has dropped after some time (~1 hour?). Another strange symptom has been the Edit Acoount Dialog. When invoked and saved with the same data, my registrar became "Unregistered". Repeating the Edit/Save procedure, still w same data, turned the registrar to "Registered".

To make it work at all I after a while found out that the router has an Application Layer Gateway (ALG) for sip (thanks, Damien!). Using this means to disable stun, and rely on the the routers' sip management. And indeed, I could both call place and recieve calls. But no long-term stability.

The problem seems to be the ALG, it's just buggy according to a lot of threads out there. Furhermore, it cannot be disabled with the v6 version of the firmware. It was possible in some older versions(!)

Solution: go around the ALG by using another port than 5060 (I use 5080). Enable stun. Setup port forwarding (a k a Game Sharing...) to port 5080/UDP in the router. Done.

BTW: this means that it's not a trivial setup decision to use the ALG just because it's there. This à propos the discussion about automatic recognition of sip-aware routers in the initial configuration wizard.



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