[Ekiga-list] Trouble using Ekiga Win32 with Bonjour

Hi all,
  Following  http://www.mail-archive.com/ekiga-list gnome org/msg05245.html email, I've tried to use bonjour (apple) with latest win32 release http://www.pateam.org/archive/tmp/ekiga-win32/ekiga-setup-3.0.2-gtk-2.14.7.exe
  Both machines are running Vista.
  I've been able to find my network printer with the bonjour application that comes with the installation, so I think bonjour is installed correctly in both machines.
  Does this release include zeroconf functionalities? If not if there any build of 3.0.2 for win32 with zeroconf support?
  I was thinking in using bonjour, since I'm thinking to deploy Ekiga with my platform and i'm not going to have access to the router in all scenarios. So port forwarding or sipproxyd is not a good solution for me.
  Do you think that tunneling through http proxy would work with a proxy running in the internet (not in my internal network)? So that I would have a bad performance but a workaround, for symmetric NAT and bonjour issue?

Thanks in advance,


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