[Ekiga-list] Revisited: visual feedback when making dbus/cli calls

I'm currently using the Dbus interface to establish Ekiga calls. The basic functionality seems fine, but to my understanding there are some glitches:

- When making an ekiga.Call(uri)/ekiga.Show() sequence, the call
 is indeed placed to the uri. Also, if  there is no open window,
 a main window is opened. In this the hook is off (red phone), but
 the uri called is not reflected in the "dialpad" entry up-left.
 Net result from a visual, user perspective is some kind of
 "invisible" call (besides the history, where it eventually is

- If the window is open already, it's likely to be hidden by other
 windows. In this situation the Show() method seems to do nothing.
 I think it would be more intuitive if the window popped up after
 a Show() call instead of staying hidden in this situation.

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