Re: [Ekiga-list] Visual feedback when doing ekiga -c calls

yannick wrote:
Le mercredi 04 février 2009 à 13:27 +0100, Alec Leamas a écrit :
As of now, if a running ekiga instance makes a call started through "ekiga -c #" there is no visual feedback at all. Somehow, when I use this, it creates a little uneasy feeling (despite the obvious audio feedback). Also, if I lose connection to my account (and thus can't receive or place calls), there is still the same green spot in the tray...

Thinking about it, from a user perspective there is really four states:

- "No dialtone" i.e., no registered account.
- Idle, ready...
- Connecting
- Connected

I think it would make sense to reflect all these states in the tray icon. Nothing like Skype, which throws up it's main window when a call is initiated - it just irritating when you work in another application. Maybe just change colour on the green spoot in the tray. Just to illustrate what I have in mind:

- No dialtone: Red spot, tooltip "No account registered"
- Idle: Green spot, tooltip "Diamondcard account registered" or "Two accounts registered"
- Connecting: yellow spot, tooltip "Connecting to "1111111 sip provider com"
- Connected: as today, tooltip "Connected to "111111 sip provider com"


There is maybe a place for that in the main GUI rather than in the
systray (the systray reflect your status already, mixing both status and
connectivity will be overkill).

I'm thinking about the quality meter at the bottom. It is always visible
and except when you're in a call, it is pretty useless. No dialtone,
idle and connecting can fill this useless, while connected would be
where the quality info will be shown.


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Yes, I'm missing something: the "called" state, waiting to pick up the phone. Embarrasing. But not a problem, in this case there is a powerful visual representation :-)

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