[Ekiga-list] Visual feedback when doing ekiga -c calls

As of now, if a running ekiga instance makes a call started through "ekiga -c #" there is no visual feedback at all. Somehow, when I use this, it creates a little uneasy feeling (despite the obvious audio feedback). Also, if I lose connection to my account (and thus can't receive or place calls), there is still the same green spot in the tray...

Thinking about it, from a user perspective there is really four states:

- "No dialtone" i.e., no registered account.
- Idle, ready...
- Connecting
- Connected

I think it would make sense to reflect all these states in the tray icon. Nothing like Skype, which throws up it's main window when a call is initiated - it just irritating when you work in another application. Maybe just change colour on the green spoot in the tray. Just to illustrate what I have in mind:

- No dialtone: Red spot, tooltip "No account registered"
- Idle: Green spot, tooltip "Diamondcard account registered" or "Two accounts registered"
- Connecting: yellow spot, tooltip "Connecting to "1111111 sip provider com"
- Connected: as today, tooltip "Connected to "111111 sip provider com"



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