[Ekiga-list] Kubuntu, KDE, non root was- Re: E3 errors on Kde 8.04

1) also ask on the KUbuntu, & KDE developers lists,
2) have you tried running this as user, not root?  I have some old vague
memory about some gui settings not being available under root, but are
as regular user, on KDE or KUbuntu.

On Wed, 4 Feb 2009 14:19:09 +0530, "chaitanya mehandru"
<chinku linux gmail com> said:
> Hi,    I have captured the errors after building E3 on KDE 8.04. It seems
> like ekiga is looking for X display and can't find it. We need to make it
> search for KDE display.
> Whenever I try to launch ekiga, or run the daemon 'Kded', I get the same
> error as 'No Protocol Specified'.
> Can anybody help me removing these errors or any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Chaitanya

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