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On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 7:02 PM, Dirk Dorme <Dirk dorme gmail com> wrote:
> It must have been answered over and over again, but I really do not have a
> clue on where to start.
> We, up to 30, would like to do conference calls. I thought it would be
> possible through ekiga. However, have no idea on where to start. Could
> someone point out on how to organize that? Can we use skype to call in, do
> we need the ekiga soft (so not for mac)...?
> A step by step guide would be awesome.
> Thanks in advance.
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Ekiga can not make conference calls with more than two participants.
You need a H.323 MCU to make the conference works. OpenMCU works fine,
but only allows up to 5 participants.

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