[Ekiga-list] Fix for Ekiga not re-registering


I have the known problem of Ekiga not re-registering at the requested expiration timeout. Since I saw that I was not alone in this case, I took a look to the code of Opal and found out a fix for this which works for me.
In the file opal-3.6.6/src/sip/sippdu.cxx, I commented out the line 413 : // COMPARE_COMPONENT(GetPortSupplied());
I don't know what this boolean "portSupplied" is but I saw that it prevents the test (*request == *reply) (line 740 of opal-3.6.6/src/sip/handlers.cxx) from being true when it should.

Is there any way when parametering Ekiga to make this test working, or is my work-around the only way to fix the problem ?

Etoile Dièse

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