[Ekiga-list] I can call the neighbours, but I can't call by using the sip:xxx ekiga net

When I build ekiga 3.2.6, sip is enable.
1. I found that if ekiga can find the neighbour then I can call him, but when I used his account, it told me that the user is un available!
2. the same ekiga 3.2.6(just as an copy after I build it), one can work in ubuntu 804, but the another one can't work on my customized system. In this system the account can register, but can not find any neighbours!
3. I am not sure that if there is a bug of ekiga 3.2.6, when someone terminated the call and exit, the another one exited too!(some time showed me segmentation fault); when I close echo test, it died away on ubuntu804 and ubuntu910(more than 50%).

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