Re: [Ekiga-list] registration failure

It might appear that I've been seeing a similar issue for some weeks
now, several qualifying differences:

#1 I am not using ekiga client

#2 I have used 2 different routers, switching routers does not help,
both have what I'd call fairly reliable SIP ALGs.

#3 the problem seems to come and go, without my intervention -sometimes
lasting an hour or more, and then not happing for hours.

#4 during the failure, the response does indeed come, but my sniffer is
behind the FW, thus - shows the internal IPs, and not the original
packet received by the FW public interface

#5 icmp echos to show no basic connectivity issues during the
failure. I have not yet tried traceroute to see if the frames take
different paths - perhaps through some device that may be causing the issue.

I'm going to try to get time to rig up a sniffer on the public
interface, and get good/bad comparisons, but would appear to be a server
issue *if* these are all the same issue, not sure i can manage this
anytime soon.

Best regards,

Damien Sandras wrote:
> Andreas,
> Le lundi 31 août 2009 à 11:37 +0200, Andreas Freiherr a écrit :
>> Damien,
>> I even checked with the firewall completely disabled. Same problem: once I cannot register, restarting Ekiga with either setting at the firewall does not help. It seems to depend on the phase of the moon.
>> Learning how to write reliable programs would also be a big step forward ;-)
> You're free to help.
>> Seriously: problems very similar to mine have been reported by multiple Ekiga users already, and it I have seen multiple authors complaining about difficulties when debugging Ekiga (where did the "general history" go?). So maybe it isn't just me...
> I can only tell one thing :
> - Ekiga sends a request and expects the request to arrive on port 5060
> (that's what it asks to the remote to do)
> - The response never comes
> => I you do not trust Ekiga, just open up wireshark and see if you
> receive a response. If you don't, then you are sure your computer does
> not receive that response.

Shawn Adams
shawn_adams web de

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