Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga feedback

Julio Sosa schrieb:
Hi! I tried ekiga 3.2.5 for Windows and Linux, making a comunication between Windows xp and Debian Linux. I want to give feedback to the developers and see if anyone is experiencing the same problems.

My impressions are that it is closer to work very very well but I found some little problems:

1) I think I found a bug in the Windows 3.2.5 version, the bug is that every time you make or receive a call you have to rise the volume of the speaker in the ekiga volume settings other wise you will no hear any voice. The problem is that you have to do so every time!

2) The sound quality works fine just after changing the jitter from 500 to 150 ms. Because higher jitter makes too much noice.

3) I do also experience the problem that after the other user get disconected, it appears like if it is connected.

4) The other problem (if I am correct, this has to be checked more) is that It doesn't follow the codec prefferences.


I think that I fixed your point 1). Could you try for Win32 .
Thank you for testing.

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