[Ekiga-list] Could not register (Globally not acceptable)

I have just upgraded to 3.2.5 (debian 3.2.5-1) on one of my machines, and am a bit baffled by the
  "Could not register (Globally not acceptable)"
message displayed in the Accounts window when I try to register with ekiga.net. My other two sip accounts register ok in this version.

I do miss the General History Window which helped so much in knowing what was happening. The one line message at the bottom of the main window just says "Could not register sip:myaccountxxx".

Maybe ekiga.net is down again? I know that I can run with -d4 to see what is happening, and I will probably do that soon. But the point of this message is to say that even someone reasonably experienced with ekiga is just confused by the message. Maybe it is just echoing a reply from asterisk in which case perhaps there is little to do about it.

It would be nice is the message gave a clue about whether this is a problem with username/password (presumably not in this case since I was working with previous versions), a timeout, or something else. Newbies won't want to get into -d4 stuff...


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